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Adsup went from 12 clicks to 1000+ clicks a month

In a year of working with Vexxa, Adsup has seen a significant increase in organic traffic, visibility in relevant search results, and inbound leads to its website.

48 new keywords in top 10 search results

Adsup sökord i topp 10

Click frequency increased by 300%

Total 356,000 exposures in search results since start

About the project
Adsup wanted to reach its customers earlier in the buying journey, build trust with its target audience, drive more qualified traffic to its website, and generate more leads. To achieve these goals, Adsup approached Vexxa and the partnership began in August 2022.
The graph provides a visual representation of the progress of the Adsup website on Google since the start of the cooperation with Vexxa.
The blue line in the graph represents the number of clicks Adsup received from Google search results. Clicks are an indicator of how many users have visited the website by clicking on links displayed in the search results.

The purple line in the graph represents the number of exposures, meaning how many times Adsup's website has appeared in Google's search results. Each time the site's link appears in the search results counts as an exposure, whether the user clicks on it or not.
Comments from Adsup
Vexxa has been our secret weapon when it comes to boosting our presence in Google. Not only have our SEO results gone through the roof, our blog posts have also helped generate new business. We are very pleased with the results of our collaboration with Vexxa and look forward to a continued partnership.
Christopher Skagen, marknadschef på Adsup
Christopher Skagen
Head of Marketing at Adsup
We are extremely happy to have Vexxa as our partner. The Vexxa team has been responsive and co-operative throughout the project. They have shown a strong understanding of our business area, offer and target audience, which has resulted in increasing our visibility and credibility with potential customers.
Andreas Rudholm, VD på Adsup
Andreas Rudholm
CEO at Adsup
How we did it
Vexxa delivered a complete solution that included both strategy and implementation of both technical and content-based optimisation of Adsup's website. Prior to the cooperation between Adsup and Vexxa, a thorough preparatory work was carried out which included the following steps:
Vexxa utvecklar Adsup blogg inom sociala medier, rekrytering och annonsering. Ökar organisk trafik med 11 till 610 besökare i månaden.

👉 SEO audit to identify improvement measures.

👉 Analysis of competitors' strengths and weaknesses.

👉 Keyword analysis to select the right keywords.

👉 Development of a long-term SEO strategy.

👉 Design of content strategy.

👉 Optimisation of existing content.

👉 Niche-specific content.

👉 Regular publishing.

About Adsup
Adsup was founded in 2016 in Gothenburg with the vision of simplifying and accelerating companies' recruitment process with the help of employer branding and targeted advertising in social media. Today, Adsup helps hundreds of employers to find and reach the right candidates.
👉 Adsup's website (in swedish)

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